Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vegan

I remember having dinner at my grandmas birthday.
And the salad that I had to eat in front of me was made with eggs and topped with french dressing – not vegan.
My close family knew that I was a vegan but I just couldn’t tell my grandparents.
At that time I was scared of being judged, of looking like a pussy because I don’t eat animal products for ethical reasons.
So I ended up eating about half of the plate and throwing the rest away.
Awkward moment, as a vegan.

I can’t understand people that eat Hot Dogs while tattooing themselves the vegan name on their forearm.
Not that he eats a Hot Dog, but that he tattooed the word ‘vegan’ on his forearm.
I was scared of being a vegan at first, it was not something that I choose to look good around my peers. Being a vegan is something that you can be proud of, but don’t rub it people in the face.
If you’re thinking about becoming a vegan because it may elevate your status, simply don’t do it.
Remember to stay humble.

Recently a friend told me that this guy, that I used to train with, talked really bad about me behind my back. He was telling him that I completely lost my mind becoming a vegan and that I’m basically a stupid person. Human beings are generally quite sensible and I am no exception to the rule. Over time you learn to develop a thick skin.

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve heard that I’m gay for being a vegan from good friends.
If you can’t deal with critics, if you can’t stand up for yourself – don’t become a vegan or learn to deal with it as I did. It usually comes with time. But going through the process is mind boggling.

The first thing I did when considering going down this vegan path, was searching on Youtube ‘Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vegan’. I wanted to know exactly what downsides there were.
I wanted to know how people argue that have the opposite beliefs. Before I went down this vegan journey I made sure to do my research, I read about Vitamin B12 and the need to supplement it.
Forgetting to supplement Vitamin B12 can lead to detrimental deficiencies.
If you go blindsided into being a vegan don’t do it.

If I could tell my past self one thing, it would be this: Prepare yourself, you will get into arguments. You will be challenged for your beliefs, make sure you can back them up. The better your knowledge is the more power you will have and in the end, the easier your life will be. It takes absolutely zero talent to be prepared. All it needs is well-placed effort.

In that sense I would like to remember the old Abraham Lincoln quote: If you have six hours to chop down a tree, spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.

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