Vegans are skinnier than omnivores. Multiple studies confirm that. While skinny, not talking about being severely underweight, is not a health burden, it surely can be a mental burden for a lot of people. This video should explain, why vegans are skinny. And how to alter the vegan diet for bodybuilding or how to use this very special trait for weight loss.

Vegans have the same capability to build muscle, vegan muscle, than omnivores. But one key element, that vegans have to focus on is calorie density in foods. Calorie-dense foods are key for building muscles, in a diet that normally contains low calorie food. For example dried dates, weighing 300grams, contain nearly 750 calories. Which is more than enough to guarantee muscle growth and the energy equivalent of 6 scoops of a weight gainer.

If you want to lose weight, simply do the opposite. Focus on low calorie foods, which can be found plenty in the vegan diet. Like cucumber, celery, broccoli, spinach etc. Basically vegetables.

Another explanation why vegans are skinnier than omnivores is the fiber content. Fiber can only be found in plant foods and is one of the key factors that affect satiety. Foods that are high in fiber are for examble oats.

And the last explanation why a vegan is skinnier than an omnivore, is personal decision. Some people just like being thin or are professional endurance athletes. If that is the case, then that is of course your personal decision and everyone should accept that. If you are thin although, and do not like it – change it. Focus on the tips I gave you above. Have a great day.

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