Why Sv3rige Is Wrong And Greg Plitt Was Right – Fundamental Principle Of Exercise

Sv3rige thinks that exercise is NOT good for the human body. Okay, let’s think about this:

Let’s imagine you have a TV and for some reason you decide to hit it full speed with a sledge hammer. Let’s also imagine for some wicked reason one of your legs get hit full speed with a sledge hammer.

Naturally I don’t hope for any of those scenarios, but let’s just imagine what would happen:

The TV will be broken, as well will the bones of your legs. Maybe even your tendons are ripped apart and your muscles are torn.

But let’s imagine a year and 2 years fast forward. While the TV might still lay there in its destruction, your leg is likely fully healed.

On top of that your leg might even be stronger than before. Your bones are thicker, your tendons stronger and your muscles are covered with scar tissue that increases their capability to deal with tension.

Most living organisms have the capability to deal with non-killing stresses with an adaptive, heck sometimes even a positive response. To some degree the quote ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ is actually true.

The same thing happens with weightlifting and training in the gym.

Today I explain you based on this simple idea that we’ve seen before, how training actually works. This is literally the fundament and one of the only things that you need to know about.

Today you’ll learn:

  • The fundamental principle of exercise training
  • Supercompensation
  • The principle of exercise overload

And how to apply these principles of training, while giving you some Gregg Plitt motivation from the legend!

I just recently met a guy that explained me, that he hit the gym some days ago for the first time and he’s barely able to move his arms. He told me, that he feels sick and incapable of doing the things that he wants to do.

This is normal. Before the fitness journey usually goes up, it goes down at first. That’s the damage, that’s the sledge hammer that is smashing into your muscles, cardiovascular and neurological system.

So while the feedback process of your neurological system is quite fast, think you put a hand on your stove and you put it away immediately. The feedback process of your cardiovascular system and your muscular system is way longer.

Building muscle or repairing muscle takes more time than being better at jogging. Repairing bones takes more time than repairing muscle. And repairing wide-reaching injuries in general take more time than everything we’ve talked about before.

But in general, the way you get a positive reaction from your body there first needs to be a reaction-provoking stress.

That stress needs to be high enough to promote a positive change in an organism, but not too high to create negative damage. So on a scale of 1-10 you should not train with the intensity of a 10, but rather a 7-9.

The thing that makes the positive promoting change net positive in the first place is the recovery process though. A lot of my clients at QualityGains are high-performing and one of the first tips that I give them is to reduce their stress levels.

Why, because your stress negatively impacts your recovery level. If you have high stress your body is not capable of making a positive change, most of your efforts are futile. Your training efforts are like a mosquito trying to stop a plane taking off. – that was an awesome explanation.

The way you can increase this recovery process is by optimizing your sleep quality and quantity. Eating an antioxidant rich diet, with plenty of fruits, vegetables and spices.

Conclusion – Why Sv3rige Is Wrong And Greg Plitt Was Right – Fundamental Principle Of Exercise:

The only thing you need to know about training is this graph. Remember that your journey will go down before it goes up. Remember to train appropriately and focus on recovery.

Also train on a regular basis to increase your results, because this is the only way to create necessity.

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