Vegan Nutrition Basics EXPOSED

For all new vegans: Read THIS before going vegan. Here are the nutrition basics that you need to keep in mind.

If you just give me a couple minutes of your time you’ll be learning exactly how to structure your nutrition in a simple and step-by-step manner.

Are you ready? Let’s just dive right into it.

1. In The Beginning, You Must Eat CRAP

Obviously, CRAP stands for calorie-rich and processed foods.

This makes your switch to veganism way easier if you simply like replace your current meat meat eating behavior for example with fake meats. So instead of eating for example a non-vegan burger patty for lunch you simply eat a vegan burger patty for lunch.

Still calorie rich and processed but vegan.

This makes your switch to a vegan nutrition way easier.

And this is what I did. In the beginning, I simply switched my heavy meat diet with heavy ‘fake’ meat diet.

I was eating a lot of chicken, I replaced this with vegan chicken.

I drank a lot of milk, replaced this with almond milk

I ate a lot of non-vegan yogurths, I replaced this with vegan yogurths.

So my transition was very smooth because I made super simple changes to my nutrition.

2. Vegan Nutrition Is Not Healthy By Default

A lot of people think that just because something is vegan it is healthy. This is not true.

Well, it was true a few years ago probably. Where everything vegan was fruits, beans and vegetables..

But now that we have a lot of fake meats, oreos, french fries and oils, vegan is CERTAINLY not healthy by default.

That tasty vegan stuff can make your transition easier initially but you MUST switch to healthier options in the future.

3. Supplements Are Not Bad

There’s a community of vegans thinking that all supplements are bad. Some vegans think that supplements are the best things ever and you can’t get enough of ’em.

As usual, the truth is found somewhere inbetween.

You don’t need thousands of supplements. But there’s some supplements that you need to guarantee optimal health.

You should certainly supplement Vitamin B12, the cyanocobalamin version. 50mcg a day or 2,000mcg a week.

The reason why is that Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to irreversible neurological damage. And you don’t really want to play around with those possible outcomes.

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