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Get into a positive environment of fellow vegans on the same mission as you. Initial 15-minute consultation with Florian. On-going full access to your coach.


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I personally guarantee your

online vegan personal trainer

Florian Wüest,
Founder and Coach


  • Join an exclusive group of fellow vegans on the same mission as you.

  • Initial 15-minute video call with Florian (no webcam needed)

  • Access to the QualityGains app.

  • Full in app access to Florian.

  • 7 exclusive video clips to master your mindset.

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“Most people underestimate what they can achieve with proper guidance.”
Pierin F.


“Florian has helped me lose weight in a sustainable and professional way. I really liked his focus on individuality and his attention to detail.
Michele M.


“Florian made it so simple for me to reach my dream shape.”
Clirim G.


“You get challenging workouts and the motivation is coming along if you lack it. Getting coached by Florian makes you want to achieve your goals.
Alain B.


“Florian’s plans simply are GAMECHANGERS. Nuff said.”
Sawo K.


“Florian’s services are on a very personal level and as a client you feel unique. He’s the true definition of a vegan PERSONAL coach!”
Kevin O.