The Unknown Genius of Michael Greger – Vegan Vs. Carnivore Diet

Michael Greger from just recently was a guest on the London Real show and one of the most hilarious scenes was when he was asked about the carnivore diet.

I think no interviewer really got a comprehensive answer from Dr. Greger thus far but Brian from London Real just kept on pushing and pinching until Michael gave in.

Today I’ll break down the carnivore part of the London Real interview so you’ll learn new stuff about Dr. G and how he thinks. This is not Dr. Greger said that and this, I’m analysing the micro parts of this interview so even if you’ve seen this interview before, you will likely learn something new.


One thing that is very unique about Dr. Greger is his rambling.

Now I personally find this to be very appealing and personal. While a lot of youtube commenters claim that this is because of his diet, one guy for example writes that Dr. Greger has late stage veganism.

We have to understand that intelligence and the ability to articulate are two abilities that are not correlated.

For example we see the same thing in Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a brilliant business guy and inventor, yet somehow reminds of this very smart guy in class that couldn’t explain anything.

If at all an intuitive ability to articulate well is probably a sign of decreased intelligence.

Because what we’ll see from the smart guy in class, Elon Musk and in Michael Greger is that there’s a drastic knowledge gap between the sender of the information and the receiver.

A knowledge gap is a difference of the individual level of knowledge of two individuals when engaging in a discussion. The bigger this knowledge gap is between two people, the harder it is to communicate properly.

For example my knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition is on a very decent level. Let’s imagine I have 3 layers of knowledge.

So if I talk with a QualityGains client, who likely has less layers of knowledge than I have

I have to adapt my communication. For example while I might talk about essential amino acids, leucine and other cool stuff with a fellow trainer, I’ll talk about dietary protein or even potential lego blocks with clients.

The knowledge of Brian vs. the knowledge of Michael Greger, when it comes to nutrition, is obviously not on the same level.

Brian raises his eye lid and tenses his facial muscles during the discussion which is usually a sign of stress. And the reason he behaves this way is because he was genuinely interested in an answer and was unsure about that topic, while for Michael Greger it was obviously a stupid question or a joke.

The same thing happens later. Brian Rose is posing a serious question about lime juice for Vitamin C and Michael Greger, thinking it was a joke, cracks up. You see Michael Greger adjusting his behavior later, becoming more calm and serious to not seem disrespectful to Brian.

You can actually see how Michael Greger is trying not to crack up in the future and calm his demeaner because he realized that Brian is obviously not on the same nutritional knowledge level.


The message for you here, fellow vegans, is that the same thing happens when you’re talking with an unsuspecting omnivore. While you know the ins and outs of protein, factory farming and global warming and the ties to livestock, they might NOT.

In these discussions that you have in your life, there’s an obvious knowledge gap. So we need to make sure that we stay respectful and kind.

And the more knowledge that you have, the more you encounter those situations where you deal with people that do not know what they’re talking about. Remember that if you want to spread a message of compassion, it helps to be compassionate as well.

Are you a fellow vegan that wants to lose fat, build lean muscle and get in the best shape of your life?

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