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Michael Greger from is one of the people that I’m truly looking up to.
And there are a couple great reasons why.

Today I want to explain you on the example of Michael Greger, how you can build the respect that you desire, inspire people and be an absolute leader in your field.
If you watch until the end you will also realize why I think Michael Greger is unique on the Youtube sphere, and how you can be too.. if you’re mad enough.

1 – Do great work.

In 1996 Michael Greger was interviewed about the Mad Cow Disease.

The first question the interviewer posed was: “Michael, how was it possible for you as a junior at Cornell to know more about the dangers of mad cow disease than full time experts at USDA and CDC?”
Needless to say Michael was always an A-player, always a top performer.
From being one of the founders of the American College Of Lifestyle Medicine, testifying in front of congress after the humane society released the undercover video of the westland meat packing company, to founding, which has over 2 million views a month and could easily be worth millions of dollars.
Could be worth millions of dollars.
In fact is a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service.
With over 1622 free videos published on his youtube channel, dozens of podcast episodes and more than 5 books written.
And 100% of the proceeds Dr. Greger recieves from all of his books are donated to charity.
We have to conclude that Michael Greger is simply a complete workaholic that can’t help to publish quality work since the beginning.
But is that so? This I’ll talk about next.

I’m just kidding:

2 – Just start.

The quality standard of Michael wasn’t always top-notch.
If we look at the earliest videos of Michael Greger, more than 7 years ago, which is an Update on Aspartame.

It’s funny that it’s called an
« update » even though it’s his first video.
The clip is not even 20 seconds long with horrible audio quality and bad effects.
Michael also uses terms like pseudotumor cerebri, which 99% of the audience definitely didn’t know, until now.
Pseudotumor cerebri occurs when the pressure inside your skull increases for no obvious reason.

Sorry, I just had to put this classic cliffhanger in here too.
Now compare this with his newest videos, they’re funny, informative and not too complex.
Mr. Greger altered his videos so they’re easy to follow without being a medical practicioner.

This is most effective when it comes to spreading the vegan message
and bringing forth his cause.
What I want to get across is this:
Although Michael seemed to be extremely driven even 20 years ago in 1996, he nonetheless produced low quality work when he started.
And that’s ok.
All people do, yes even the people that call themselves quality gains.
What matters is that we start in the first place and continuously push through.
Overcoming obstacles is way easier if you, as Michael Greger…

3- Believe in something bigger than you are.

This is the last point Michael Greger stands for and is also the reason why so many people look up to him, in my opinion.
I think Michael is not afraid to die for his ideals.

The same way we see James Bond getting tortured in Casino Royale, holding his ground and unconsciously are creating a bond to him.
The same way Michael Greger gets criticized by the medical community, especially when he started out, and yet he still spreads the vegan cause.
Again, most of the stuff Michael does is not profit focused, although I would be the first one to grant my boy a house on the beach with multiple supercars in the garage.

Yet our vegan doctor seems not to be interested in that stuff. Instead what drives him is mastery of his craft and the spreading of the whole-food plant based message that saved the life of his beloved grandmother about 40 years ago.
There are a couple things Michael Greger can be admired for.
Be it his relentless work ethic, his passionate drive or his vast knowledge about nutritional medicine.

A lot of people on youtube haven’t done their due diligence, yet I think no one will testify, that Michael belongs to that category.
Michael is a doctor that inspires us to be better and healthier every single day. That’s why I can’t help but smile when I look at his videos.

In the beginning of the video I told you that there’s one trait that makes Michael unique.

Conclusion – The Truth About Michael Greger –

He seems to be the one and only person on Youtube that truly and absolutely believes in a cause greater than he is.

He channels that energy to create awesome, life-transforming work that exudes quality on all areas.
That’s why the majority of Youtube, including myself, got absolutely no problem with the popularity that he gained and the lives that he changed.

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