The Little Secret About The Carnivore Diet – How Healthy Is Only Eating Meat? [SCIENCE EXPLAINED]

There are a couple videos about the carnivore diet on Youtube.

With big personas standing behind it, such as Jordan Peterson.

Today I want to explain you how healthy the carnivore diet really is, not with bullsh*t anecdotes, but with numbers black on white.

We’ll take a look at the antioxidant content of various meats and compare it with plant foods.

Here’s the shocking truth that we found.

How healthy a diet is, usually gets determined by what it contains, and what it doesn’t contain.

You obviously don’t want foods that are poisonous or sprinkled with bad bacteria.

But you want foods with a high antioxidant content.

Antioxidants help us reduce damage that we get by creating energy in the mitochondria and due to other factors of stress, like lack of sleep, injury radiation and so forth.

In fact aging can be considered a side effect of antioxidant damage in the body.

So antioxidant damage matters and it’s in our best interest to reduce it as much as we possibly can.

At this moment of time we can not identify 100 percent how healthy a certain food is, because we just know the total amount of antioxidants in a food.

But we don’t know other factors, like how much of those antioxidants can be absorbed.

So we know the potential of a food, but not the actual effects.

Nonetheless we have to understand that the actual amount of antioxidants is a good indicator, of how healthy a food actual is.

If we compare two foods and there’s a hundred fold difference of antioxidant units, even if everything gets absorbed in the food with the lower content, it will very likely be inferior.

To make numbers clear, scientists have found out, that we need 8 to 11 mmol of antioxidants per day, depending on how much calories we eat.

If we take a look at the antioxidant content of more than 3100 things that we put into our mouth, there’s a clear trend.

Certain plant-based food groups have on average up to 33 times more antioxidants than animal foods.

In animal food, the highest content of antioxidants have been found in fried bacon, closely followed by liver.

Yet both still have values of less than 1 mmol per 100grams.

If we take a look at Jordan Peterson’s diet, and calculate an estimated calorie need of about 2700 calories.

For that amount he needs to eat about 1.6 kilogram of let’s say moose steak.

He racks about half a mmol of antioxidants per day.

Which is, still 7 and a half units under the recommended daily intake, of 8 mmol per day.

And the antioxidant RDA is not impossible to reach, far away from it.

100g of blueberries are nearly enough.

If we eat one serving of blueberries, coming from Poland, we literally eat healthier than a carnivore guy has done in a week.

Unless they’ve used healthy spices and coffee or other plant-compounds containing beverages.

A carnivore diet doesn’t provide enough antioxidants to be healthy. Far away from it.

Next to not containing enough good stuff, which is one part of health, they also contain a lot of bad stuff.

Like endotoxins, advanced gylcation end products, cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat.

While we might conclude that our entire knowledge about nutrition is flawed and put all the genius medicine minds of the past in the shadow, the more likely reason might just be that the carnivore diet is bullsh*t.

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