The Downfall Of Chris Kresser – Joe Rogan The Game Changers Debate

On the 21st of November Chris Kresser was quote on quote debunking the game changers on the joe rogan podcast.

On the 5th of December Chris was on the Joe Rogan podcast again. Yet now, having to back up his points in an actual debate.

Both debates on Joe Rogan ended quite differently.

Here’s what happened between those scenes. As usual I’ll analyze it to the frugivore teeth and share insights with you that you might’ve missed before.

Imagine you’re shooting a movie. It takes years of preparation and a couple million dollars of investment. You take a gigantic risk and put your reputation at stake.

Which means this movie, becomes your baby.

You raise your baby, you nurture it and you make sure it’s good. You meet with leading experts and high tier performers to back up the claims that you make in the movie.

While your movie launch is a huge success, only 2 months later a random person that is apparently not an expert decides to refute most of your claims in the movie on a medium that is streamed to millions.

How would you feel? You would feel anger, you would feel upset. You would feel frustrated.

You put a lot of your blood, sweat and tears in creating this artwork – which then gets dragged in the dirt by this random person.

That’s what happened to James Wilks.

James was one of the producers of Game Changers and this was his story. He produced a freaking baller movie and then got a lot of bad press 2 months after, because one guy called Chris Kresser decided to share his two cents with the world on the Joe Rogan podcast.

To be honest, while Chris heavily underestimated James, the debate was in James favor from the get go. Why, because we know that James has more to lose than Chris. A movie is a huge investment that you do not take lightly.

So what do you do if you have a lot to lose?

1. You prepare slides like a mad man.

I think James Wilks was the most prepared guy that I’ve seen since a very long time. He really did his homework.

2. You debunk the expert

Making sure that everyone knows that the apparent expert debunking your claims is not actually an expert.

And the more you hammer this point in the better.

3. Debunk the points one by one

The more you show people that the quote on quote expert is wrong, the better.

Now this strategy is all fun and games, but was it actually effective for James? Or is Chris Kresser the secret winner of this debate.

See there are three parts of winning.

1. Verbal side of winning

This is the official part. People tell you that you’ve won and that’s all good. James definitely nailed that.

However, the other two parts are usually a little bit more telling.

2. Body language

The body language of Chris tells a lot about his feelings. While he was taking a lot of space in the previous Joe Rogan podcast, which is a show of confidence, he crossed his hands the entire time in the second one. This is a sign of defeat.

James Wilks body language on the other hand kept on expanding and expanding during the debate. A sign that he’s winning.

3. Relation to the host

See a debate often is like a quarrel between two kids trying to convince the parent. But obviously in a debate there’s not a parent, there’s the host.

You can tell if a person is winning if they’re convincing the host, meaning Joe Rogan. Especially if they’re defending a point the host is not inclined to.

You see James actively searching for that validation and getting it in verbal form.

While Chris is getting the opposite of validation:

But there are also subtle forms of agreement between those two partners.

When Joe Rogan is going for a bottle of water, James is doing the same thing. While Chris isn’t. While Joe Rogan is changing his body posture, James is doing the same thing. While Chris isn’t.

This is an indicator of rapport between those parties. Now it would’ve been more telling if Joe would’ve copied James’s behavior, but still, this is an indicator of liking and agreement.

Conclusion – The Downfall Of Chris Kresser – Joe Rogan The Game Changers Debate

There’s overwhelming consensus that James has absolutely destroyed this debate, based on the verbal side, body language and relationship to the host.

Part of why James was capable of doing this and other vegan guests haven’t that far, might be because he acted with aggressiveness. He’s a tough guy and Joe Rogan appreciates that.

Combine this with extreme preparation and determination of James’s side and you get a debate like this.

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