Florian Wüest helps vegan entrepreneurs and professionals get in the best shape of their life and increase their performance, using science-based nutrition and fitness processes.

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Jonathan Bowsers, Vegan Professional reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

“Before meeting Florian I felt like a hypocrite. I was not a good example for the vegan movement. I was not a role model. Until I decided to work with Florian. After a few months I lost 19.8lbs and gained 6.6lbs of muscle on a vegan diet. Florian is with you every step of the way and doesn’t leave you hanging. A lot of the gyms don’t even have half the service he provides.”

Carlos Cochran, Vegan Professional reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I was in a hole that I didn’t know how to get out of. Whatever I tried regarding weight loss didn’t seem to work. I was not consistent. I was not motivated to change anything. Yet after meeting Florian this all changed. After working together for a few months I lost 17.6lbs of fat and built healthy vegan habits. This program changed my life.”

Georg Martinka, Serial Entrepreneur reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

“I’m a busy entrepreneur and work 12+ hours a day. I felt stuck and worn out, and couldn’t find a program that fits my schedule. Florian helped me lose 11lbs in only 5 weeks, completely tailoring it to my routine. I lost it completely passively and have more energy and am more productive now. Thank you.”

Calle Alexander, Vegan Ninja Warrior Athlete reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

Note from Florian: This is an emotional review from Calle, a high-level ninja warrior athlete. He has searched my help when he was injured. Back then he doubted his abilities, ready to quit. After 2.5 months of working with me. Upgrading his mindset and nutrition, optimizing everything to the 0,001%, he went to #1 again in a competition. He now is on his way to go international. It has been a pleasure to work with you, Calle.

Adam Watson, Entrepreneur reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

“Florian REALLY knows his stuff. I highly recommend his service.”

Pablo Durand, Entrepreneur reviewed QualityGains. – https://qualitygains.com/qgn1/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/5-Star-Facebook.png

“As a busy entrepreneur I felt stuck. I didn’t know who to listen to until I stumbled upon QualityGains. Florian has taken everything in account and created a fully personalized training. He’s a great coach.”

Pierin Frizzoni, Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains Review

“I think you can ONLY get this training experience with Florian. Most people underestimate how much they can achieve with proper guidance.“

Michele M., Professional reviewed QualityGains. – 5 Star Facebook

“Florian has helped me lose weight in a sustainable and professional way. I really liked his focus on individuality and his attention to detail.”

Alain Boudard, Professional reviewed QualityGains. – 4 Star Review QualityGains

“You get challenging workouts and the motivation is coming along if you lack it. Getting coached by Florian makes you want to achieve your goals.”


Kevin Ott, Professional reviewed QualityGains. – Quality Gains review

“Florian’s services are on a very personal level and as a client you feel unique. He’s the true definition of a vegan PERSONAL coach!”

Patrick B., Founder reviewed QualityGains. – https://qualitygains.com/qgn1/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/5-Star-Facebook.png

“I was very satisfied with my personal coaching. Florian was very engaged from the beginning and was very interested in my fitness and health goals. Thank you very much.”

Lorenz W., Entrepreneur reviewed QualityGains. – https://qualitygains.com/qgn1/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/5-Star-Facebook.png

“Working with Florian was the best thing I could do to better my body shape and especially my self esteem. His knowledge about fitness and health is absolutely remarkable.”

Joao F. P., Professional reviewed QualityGains. – https://qualitygains.com/qgn1/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/5-Star-Facebook.png

“With Florian you can be sure that you will reach your goals. Florian optimizes your workouts so you can make the most of it with the limited time that you have. Believe me, training with Florian is really, really worth it.”

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