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  • 1x FREE 15-minute video call with vegan coach Florian to identify your sticking points and define clear goals.

  • Premium vegan fitness video content including 200+ minutes of videos and vegan meal plan samples.

  • An exclusive app group of dozens of vegans on the same mission as you.

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“Read this”, a friend told me, “You need it.”

In 2015 I was gifted the book ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. I was a heavy meat eater at that time.

Hesitantly, I agreed to read it: “This can’t be that bad”, I grumped. Or.. can it?

Well, turns out it can. What I’ve read was so horrific that it changed my life ever since.

After 3 years of thriving on a vegan diet I saw the need to create QualityGains. Honestly, I was fed up with:

  1. The fitness industry, as it is full of sh*t and exploits people.
  2. The food industry, as it is full of sh*t and exploits animals.

These are the two problems that QualityGains aims to solve. So are you ready to represent a positive movement with a positive body?

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Transform Your Body

Build muscle and lose fat by following a proven blueprint that we lay out for you.

  • Enjoy a fully personalized video call with vegan coach Florian, to identify your sticking points and define clear goals
  • Get full access to the QualityGains app with 100+ exercise videos, so you can say goodbye to the fear of injuries.

  • Vegan meal plan blueprints for every stage of your fitness journey
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Eliminate Confusion

Becoming fit can sound overwhelming and complicated – but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Get full in-app message access to vegan coach Florian, to get an instant expert opinion.

  • Get 200+ minutes of premium vegan fitness content including ‘The Truth About 6% Body Fat’ and ‘The Vegan Advantage’
  • Get 10% off our exclusive mentoring services to enjoy our highly individualized, done-for-you programs

Join A Vegan Tribe

Our group is hosted on our ‘QualityGains’ App (yes, not another sh*tty Facebook group). Florian, our coach and founder, is the moderator.

  • Highly exclusive invite-only app group with zero carnitard allowance.

  • Connect with fit vegans on the same mission as you and profit from positive peer pressure.
  • Get daily tips from vegan fitness expert Florian to keep you motivated and disciplined.

Vegan Fitness Group

The app is found on Google Play Store and Apple Store QualityGains

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Vegan Gains

300’000+ Youtube Subscribers

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Red Pill Vegan

10’000+ Youtube Subscribers

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“Florians plans are THE game changers. Nuff said!”

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“Florian REALLY knows his stuff. I highly recommend his service.”

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“As a busy entrepreneur I felt stuck. I didn’t know who to listen to until I stumbled upon QualityGains. Florian has taken everything in account and created a fully personalized training. He’s a great coach.”

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“I think you can ONLY get this training experience with Florian. Most people underestimate how much they can achieve with proper guidance.“


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“Florian made it SO SIMPLE for me to reach my dream shape. If it wouldn’t be for his step-by-step planning and advice I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Florian as my confidence has increased inside and outside the gym!”

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“Florian has helped me lose weight in a sustainable and professional way. I really liked his focus on individuality and his attention to detail.”

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“You get challenging workouts and the motivation is coming along if you lack it. Getting coached by Florian makes you want to achieve your goals.”


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“Florian’s services are on a very personal level and as a client you feel unique. He’s the true definition of a vegan PERSONAL coach!”

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“I was very satisfied with my personal coaching. Florian was very engaged from the beginning and was very interested in my fitness and health goals. Thank you very much.”

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“Working with Florian was the best thing I could do to better my body shape and especially my self esteem. His knowledge about fitness and health is absolutely remarkable.”

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“Florian motivates people with his positive energy and his positive thinking to reach their full potential. He definitely knows how to put his knowledge into action.”

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“With Florian you can be sure that you will reach your goals. Florian optimizes your workouts so you can make the most of it with the limited time that you have. Believe me, training with Florian is really, really worth it.”

The Full ‘Kickstart Vegan Fitness Journey’ Package For Only $9

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“This is your chance to show people what vegans are capable of. Go for it.” – Florian Wüest

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