Should You Train Your Arms Everyday? – Build Muscle

Every day is arm day. Just recently a client of five fitness centers that I manage told this sentence to me – again. It’s about the hundredth of time that I heard that statement.

This saying you hear from people that don’t know what they’re talking about (or just making jokes, which is also quite cool sometimes).

Today I want to show you why you shouldn’t train your arms every single day.

Especially if you’re a natural athlete.

We have to realize that the most important thing when it comes to training is recovery.Training itself is a stress situation for your body.

We’re depleting our body from valuable ressources: Energy in the form of calories, water, minerals and the most valuable of them all: Time.

What makes working out healthy in the first place, is the recovery part after it.

Afterwards your testosterone levels increase, your circulation improves and muscle fibers will be built up.

The adaptation to working out looks like this then:
First you will get a drop in your performance, your body is slightly injured and deals with the microtears in his muscles. Only after you’ve had enough recovery, your body will have changed for the better. A great workout schedule should leave enough room for recovery, otherwise we’re shooting ourselves in the foot.

If you combine recovery periods with stress periods you will have the best muscle growth – and the best return on investment on your time training in the gym.

But on the other hand, if you train your arms every day, you put stress on your muscles day after day. This will lead you into a negative spiral, your training can actually lead you worse off in the long-term. If you continue to put stress on your body every single day, you will fatigue your central nervous system. This continuous stress situation makes it more likely that we develop diseases.

Long story short : You will be overtrained.

Your body needs that recovery period.

The true success of your training schedule lies in timing your stress and recovery periods.

You should train hard enough to force your body to adapt.

But if you need to recover 2 weeks from an arm workout, you have trained to hard.

Your recovery times will also change depending on how happy you are, how much sleep you get, the value of your relationships.

Just generally how much your life is in order.

That’s why they call fitness a lifestyle, because your success depends on so much variables.

Don’t train your arms every day.
Your body depends on the recovery periods.

Aim to train your arms at least two times to maximum 4 times a week.

This will maximize your muscle growth.

Beginners will make great progress with two times a week, in a full body workout.

Athletes will need to train them 4 times a week or increase the intensity inside their workout, to force their bodies to adapt.

Don’t overdo it if you’re a beginner, enjoy the process.

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