QualityGains Exposed – My Story

I realized that I’ve never really talked about my story.

Where I came from and most importantly why I do what I do today.

This will be extremely personal as I touch upon my past which was not always rosy, in my opinion.

In this blog post I’ll touch upon certain subtopics, like personal life, veganism, career and the gym.

Let’s go.


I was born in March 1996, in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

My mother was and is very caring and my dad is very intelligent and successful in his job as an electrical engineer so to speak.

Everything should be perfect, but it wasn’t.
I was born a couple weeks to early, and nearly died when I was born.
I spent the first few weeks in an incubator, after that going in and out of the hospital multiple times.

I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with me, but something was wrong with my neck, which apparently pushed down on my optic nerve.

The doctors gave my parents two options back then, either I’ll die or spend the rest of my lifetime severely retarded.

Luckily the doctors were proven wrong.

My childhood was rather fun, we had a tight family bond and enjoyed the swiss country life.

But I always felt I was a very insecure kid.

The incidence at my birth left me with a very strong lazy eye early on, which is still sometimes visible today when I’m stressed out.

My left eye is rather severely impaired with a strength of about 20%, but I got contact lenses to fix this.

That’s why I always felt something is quite wrong with me.

I remember one time we took a blood test and I was paranoid about taking one, as I thought I’m flawed on a deep level.

I cried often in school because as a kid I naturally got picked on on my shortcomings.
I was a real cry-baby. I remember one time in 8th grade I was crying when talking to my teacher, as he caught me faking my mothers signature.
I was not a very good conartist, but otherwise I was very intelligent, mainly because I had parents with rather high expectations. Which was a good thing.

When I was 15 years old, I thought my life nearly fell apart.

My parents separated with a very nasty divorce process, that got settled about 6 years later.

Divorce is always hard on kids, but was absolutely necessary in my parents part in hindsight, so there’s absolutely no one to blame.

This put me in a negative spiral of drowning myself in video games, drinking and smoking on weekends and getting in fights.

I remember one time I was getting in a fight, where I’ve defended my best friend, and the “gang” of the beaten up kid started searching for me at my high school for weeks on end, looking to beat me up.

This brings me to my gym experience.


My first real sport was Karate.

I was always very interested in the art of fighting.
Very early on I remember me and the neighboring family having some sort of fighting games.
Where my big brother coached me and the neighbors big brothers coached them.
We would fight until some of us started crying, then we stopped.

I also enjoyed doing basic forms of mixed martial arts with my friends.
Fighting in their room.
Here’s a video of me putting a friend in an arm-bar in a bare-knuckle fight, I was about 16 there.

After realizing that Shotokan Karate was not that effective and heavily disliking the training.
I started doing thaiboxing when I was about 16.

I liked the training very much and at one point trained about 3 times per week.

One time even with a very athletic boxing coach, which heavily insulted us during the training. In hindsight this was rather weird.

I started lifting weights continuously when I was about 17. This was about 5 years ago.

It was a combination of me wanting to look and feel better.

But it was also about not getting in future fights, as all of my fights ever started in self defence. It was about getting respected. Peace through strength so to speak.

I didn’t see results fast. Only after 1.5 years my friends started telling me that I look big.

After 2 years or so, when I started going on a vegetarian diet, I got a sixpack.

That’s when I also started becoming a vegan.


When I first started weightlifting I absolutely didn’t have healthy habits as seen before.
But as I was getting more serious, they started changing.
It felt like going in a positive spiral.

But I never realized that eating tons of meat could’ve been the problem.

I ate nearly 1 kilogram of meat every single day, no freaking kidding.

I always had my tupperware with me, always, always white rice, broccoli and meat.

This only started changing when I met my ex-girlfriend which then gave me a book about veganism.

I read the book and decided, that this is not something that I want to support anymore.

Although I first turned into a vegetarian, I always knew that I will become vegan. It’s the all or nothing mentality or the hero complex ingrained in me.

Regarding my self improvement I think becoming vegan also taught me self control and put me on another level for my discipline.

It was a great decision and has since changed into multiple positive aspects in my life.

Even including my career.


Back in high school I was always focused on making money.

I wanted to be a lawyer, not because I liked it that much but because I was good at it and it made cash.
Only after I’ve worked in an old-age home at the age of 18, and travelling to Thailand for one month trying to find myself, I realized, that this is not something I want to do with my life.

I wanted to live a life of passion – the money will follow.

I then decided to really go the hard route back then.
Although being over-qualified because of my education I looked for months to be an intern in a fitness center.

Far away from the country in a big city.

I finally got a chance in a small center, that got bought by a big company.
Which was extremely challenging, stressful and sad.

But it turned out well. I finished my continuing education just 1 year from now.

After being officially certified and being the top 2 of the entire country, I was immediately promoted to be the assistant manager.
5 months later I was given the chance to manage the fitness center, which I took.
Now 8 months later I got the chance to manage 5 of the biggest fitness centers in the country, which I obviously took too.

This is my story.

I have a very ambitious character, I think this was forged for my experiences early in life.

I think I have a chip on my shoulder, that’ll probably not go away anytime soon.

And although working for approximately 50 hours a week in my full-time job, I still want to upload frequent youtube videos and work with awesome coaching clients, as I kinda like doing it.

I never wanted to be known as a “Youtuber”, in fact I don’t really like to show my face on most videos, as I am not really looking for online fame.

It was always important for me to create a name for myself offline, to be a man of value.

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