Should you pause your training? Find out by using this simple and FREE calculator.
Takes less than 30 seconds.

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Why Does It Work

Your central nervous system fatigue is linked with the damage of your muscles. The more muscular damage you have, the less active your brain is essentially.

Important: This test is not as efficient if you’re currently suffering from muscle soreness in your upper body.

How Does It Work

In a time period of 20 seconds click as many times on the button as you can. Take note of the total amount of the clicks and compare it with the score below.

The scores may vary from individual to individual. A reason for concern is a sudden drop (more than 10 points). Which means a week from now, preferrably at the same time, check the calculator again to see if your nervous system fatigue has changed.

Start the test by clicking the green button.

Click Counter: 0
Count down (in seconds): 20


Central Nervous System Level

Level 1: 0-50 clicks (Severe CNS fatigue)
Level 2: 50-110clicks (Slightly fatigued)
Level 3: 110-135 clicks (Average fatigue)
Level 4: 135+ clicks (Close to zero fatigue)

What To Do

Level 1: Signs of sleep deprivation and/or underlying neurological problems. Consult with a doctor.
Level 2: Consider using caffeine. If the level persists, pause your training for 2 days.
Level 3: No measurable CNS fatigue.
Level 4: Likely that you will hit a personal best today!

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