Our Grandchildren Will HATE Us – Vegan Motivation

I’m not afraid of much, but I’m afraid of that one moment, when my grandchild comes up to me and asks: “What did you do?”

What did you do grandpa? When you realized that you’re destroying our planet because of what you ate?

What did you do? When you first heard, that animals feel pain.

Did you try to shove it under the rug or did you do something against it?

Because the reality is, that you knew grandpa, you knew what the scientists were saying. Yet you didn’t do anything. Your personal pleasure and well-being was more important than mine.

You sat on your hands, because you were too afraid to speak up. Because you wanted to do what everyone was doing. You wanted to do what is easy. And you failed to realize that what is easy is not what is right.

And now look at what you created. Look at the world you gave me.

If we can help it or not, we look at old german people, and ask ourselves, what did they do? What did they do when they knew that the person that they followed was evil? Did they even do anything or did they just sit on their hands waiting for the time to pass because it was easy?

The mission of us, as future grandparents, should be to reduce the net amount of suffering on this planet. Not only for us but also for future generations.

One of the biggest problems we need to solve right now is cancer and our treatment of animals. We need to solve both. But what is more important today?

Let’s say you’re driving your car, but the brakes malfunction. You can’t stop the car. You’re on a road and you see a person on the left lane and a dog on the right lane.

You have to decide now between crashing into the person on the left lane, or the dog on the right. You decide between taking a person’s life or the dog’s life.

See, I’m not a saint, if I needed to make the choice I would go for the dog’s life. I do not think that humans and animals are fully equal.

But what if there would be one person on the left side and 10 dogs on the right. What if there would be one person on the left side and 100 or 200 dogs on the right.

At which point, of piling up dog carcasses on our windshield, do we finally draw the line? At which point is the suffering of the animal equal to that of a person?

In the current world we live in, we can choose between 1 person on the left side and 6’770 dogs on the right. And this is not adjusted for the dairy industry, egg industry and the 1 million cancer deaths that are due to our lifestyle choices. If we would account for those numbers it would be 1 person on the left side for 18’000 animals on the right.

And we’re doing this drive on a yearly basis.

I’m using dogs as example because these are beings close to our heart. Yet fact of the matter is that all farm animals that die because of our food choices, do suffer. The suffering is similar.

So while taking that one person of the road will cost us billions of dollars in research and countless of trials and error, removing those thousands of animals of the road is as simple as choosing something different for dinner.

That simple decision will not only decrease the net suffering on our planet today, but that of future generations. Our food choices are the difference between leaving our grandchildren the blue planet as we know it, or a grey desert.

Conclusion – Our Grandchildren Will Hate Us: Vegan Motivation

We don’t need to be a hero and a martyr to make our grandchildren proud. The only thing we really need to do, is take a small sip out of our pleasure bucket and put it into the bucket of them.



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