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“Florian made it SO SIMPLE for me to reach my dream shape. If it wouldn’t be for his step-by-step planning and advice I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Florian as my confidence has increased inside and outside the gym!”

– Clirim G.


“After years of aimlessly training in the gym I finally came across Florian aka QG and under his guidance I got the body I always wanted. Lean, mean lady killer machine ;-)

It was a hard job to lose all the blubber but consistency eventually paid off and this is a valuable lesson I learned from my man Florian. His training plan and meal plan were top notch!

Florian trained me long time before he went BIG online with his vegan training stuff. I guess I was one of his first experimental vegan Guinea pig lol.

Keep up the fight my vegan brother and I wish you all the success because you deserve and earnt it.

I highly recommend Florian. No quick fixes though, all hard work.”

– Nick K.


“I think you can ONLY get this training experience with Florian. Most people underestimate how much they can achieve with proper guidance.“

– Pierin F.


“Florian’s plans simply are GAMECHANGERS. Nuff said.”

– Sawo K.


I was very satisfied with my personal coaching. Florian was very engaged from the beginning and was very interested in my fitness and health goals.
The program was challenging, but extremely funny and informative at the same time. The most important thing was for me that it’s not about a lot of weight and a long training. But about picking basic exercises and doing them the right way. Thank you very much.

– Patrick

Working with Florian was the best thing I could do to better my body shape and especially my self
esteem. His knowledge about fitness and health is absolutely remarkable.

– Lorenz

Flo is a very kind and patient trainer. He is very motivated to share his knowledge and make other people achieve their fitness goals. I would highly recommend Flo if you are looking for a trainer.

– Antonio

Florian motivates people with his positive energy and his positive thinking to reach their full
potential. He definitely knows how to put his knowledge into action.

– Melanie

I have trained with Florian many times and he is a very sensitive and caring trainer. Always gives 200% and definitely made me achieve my goals and pushed me to aim for more. Two thumbs up.

– Julia

For a young guy Florian is a very mature person when it comes to fitness knowledge. He uses a good combination of theory and practical knowledge to train people.

– Vijay

With Florian you can be sure that you will reach your goals. Florian tries to optimize your workouts
so you can make the most of it with the limited time that you have. Believe me, training with
Florian is really, really worth it.

– Joao

Florian has helped me lose weight in a sustainable and professional way. I really liked his focus on individuality and his attention to detail.

– Michele

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