Online Vegan Fitness Coaching Vs. Personal Training

There are huge differences between online vegan fitness coaching and personal training.

While you might choose the first or the latter – there’s no right and wrong here – I want to tell you what you should look out for as a client. So you can get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re working in the fitness industry I’ll also explain you which field you should choose in my opinion.

As the owner of a Plant Based/ Vegan Online Coaching Service, former manager of 5 gyms for a huge swiss company and with personal training experience, I think I know a thing or two about those factors.

Plus I’ll also tell you the secrets, that Online Coaches don’t want you to know, and why I personally chose to go that route. The reason might shock you.

This video will be pretty personal and gives you some information on why I do, what I do.

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” – Bertrand Russell

Whenever you first start a new business venture, you’ll always feel like a scam. It doesn’t matter how competent you are in what you’re doing.

When I first started training clients in the gym, I felt like a scam, because you don’t see immediate results. After some time the testimonials start coming in, people are satisfied and before you forget, you’ll be one of the most sought after trainers in the gym, with your schedule booked out for weeks.

Especially in my time as a clubmanager, managing one gym, I could train barely about 5 people a week, and these spots were always booked out weeks in advance.

I remember when we would make an appointment, the clients would ask me: “When are you free?” And I asked, “do you specifically want to train with me?” They said “yes!”

I realized then, that people buy trainers, not necessarily your service.

They want to trust, know and like you, plus if you display competence, they are your clients for life, especially the older generation.

In training clients I was the go to guy for back problems, I even got a video of it on my channel, because I simply took the time to learn all of that stuff.

In the first gym that I worked in, 4 trainings per year were included in the membership fee. But I also trained people outside, in the latest charging up to 200$ a training.

And here’s a little downside of personal training for the client, it’s that it’s quite expensive. In the city that I lived in, Zurich, the average price of a personal training session costs 150 swiss francs. My previous teacher used to charge 250 swiss francs per single session!

Here’s also the reason why the online coaching (especially for vegans!) is dirt cheap for the clients.

I currently charge the hourly rate of my teacher for one month.

And I can guarantee you, that I currently spend more than 1.5 hours of doing it, even in the first week of the coaching period.

And this is without fixed payments that you have, regarding the website, the app, nutrition plan, workout plan, designers, video editors and marketing. Running a business, doesn’t matter what sort, is usually expensive.

Even if you compare my managing rates, the normal hourly pay that I got paid from being a “Clustermanager”, coaching vegan clients online is still a net loss. If you look rationally at my opportunity costs, this vegan online coaching thing is not worth it, yet.

So why do I do it?

Here’s the thing: Even 10 years from now I see myself in the same field. I play the long game. I like fitness, nutrition and health and I got amazing feedback from remarkable people that tell me that I’m really good at what I do.

So for a coach, I’d always choose online coaching, simply because you can be more proactive and do other things on the side. For a client, if you got a top personal trainer that gives you the necessary accountability and a proven blueprint, personal training is the way to go. But finding a professional locally, that is not going to cost you 1-2.000$ a month, is like digging in dirt looking for gold in the fitness industry. Sadly.

I’d recommend you to seek out the trainers with the online trainer certification. The course takes you a couple weeks and costs about $1’500.00. It at least gives you an indicator, that someones is competent and ready to invest money in their education.

Which is a freaking good sign.

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