Stay motivated and stay great.

Especially when you start out on something new, you get to a point where you can’t find your motivation. When you give your best effort and you still can’t see any results. This is happening to everyone and trust me, you won’t be an exception.

That’s why it is so important to always do what you love. According to recent research we only live once, so doing what you love is absolutely key to a fulfilling life. This Motivational Workout Video 2016 should help you find that path in your life. There may be people in your life, that will try to tear you down, but you have to go against all odds. Because to do what you love is in my opinion the greatest reward that you can get.

This Motivational Workout Video 2016 should also give you a glimpse into my struggles and tell you that you’re not alone when you deal with failures. I recorded a short motivational speech that I put over this fitness video, to push you even further. Because the truth is: We all suffer from a lack of motivation now and then. Late nights and early mornings I think everyone has experienced to a degree. But this won’t actually bother you that much, when you, I say it again, DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Next to these inspirational and motivational aspects, this video should also give you a glimpse on fitness and how a street workout may look like. Therefore it also functions as a street workout motivation.