McGregor’s Secret – How To Double Your Confidence

I think Conor McGregor is not the person you think, that he truly is.
On one hand Conor is being a dad and a husband to a wife that was there since the beginning, and on the other hand, the notorious irish brawler goes to war for the audience.
In a very competitive sport, it’s hard to draw the line between your career and your private life.
Privately, Conor needs to be caring and loving, in public, he needs to be bloodthirsty and cruel.
And just recently these lines have been blurred in Conor’s life.
Conor attacked a referee in a fight cage and a van of fellow fighters, injuring one of them badly.
While one reason Conor does that, might be to hype up his upcoming fights.
I think it’s more likely, that this is a bad side effect, of one of Conor’s tactics to drastically increase his confidence.
Here’s a key lesson from Conor McGregor, that he doesn’t want you to know.
You can implement this lesson in your life, so you can double your confidence.

Conor McGregor is hands down one of the most confident people that I’ve ever seen on TV.
He’s not afraid to start a brawl with a group of fans, challenge the top fighters of their division and call people out publicly – even if it’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar media company.
Sometimes I’m not sure if Conor’s mad, or he’s a genius.
Because what you see in those clips, when Conor is trash-talking his opponent’s, is not the Conor that plays with his baby boy.
It’s the alter Ego Conor created to dominate the fight game.
I think Conor is incredibly good, in putting on a mask that is absolutely confident, cruel and competitive.
This is not uncommon, a popular example of an Alter Ego was Dwayne Johnson in his wrestling days.
The rock, an egotistical and unremorseful wrestler in the ring, and Dwayne Johnson, a shy and humble gentleman.
Slim Shady, the evil side of Marshall Matters, aka Eminem.
As he said in an interview, it’s a character that allows him to be an asshole.
In fact, a lot of celebrities create an Alter ego to differentiate their career and their personal lives.
The dangers are just, that with increased fame and success, the lines of these two egos can be blurred.
As a lot of the people love your alter ego, it’s hard to keep your feet on the bottom.
Conor has to be really careful in 1. keeping his alter ego, because it allows him to perform on the highest level while 2. not losing his mind.
Now you don’t have to create an alter ego, but you have to understand. that how you see yourself, matters in building your confidence and building your life.
If you think you can be confident, there’s a chance, that you will be.
If you think you can’t, you will never be confident in your life.
You have to act as if.

Conor McGregor is not the person you think, that he truly is.
He’s not the hardcore and fearless irish warrior, in my opinion.
He’s a guy coming from the bottom. A guy that used to work as a plumber and collect welfare.
He’s a guy looking to put food on his table for him and his family – and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that.
His alter ego helped him to acquire wealth, fame and success, yet everything comes with side effects.
Conor has to be extremely careful to keep his dark side in check, as right now it’s threatening to destroy everything he worked so hard for.

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