If you can read this you have nearly survived the festive season.

In this video I will explain you, how you can survive the rest of it, with two simple life hacks. Life hacks that will help you lose weight or stop you from gaining weight, easily.

How you eat a certain meal matters. Your behaviour and attitude towards food matters.

For example: Take three apples and really blend them together, make a smoothie out of them.
Now drink this smoothie. Did it take the same time to drink this smoothie than eating the whole apples? No. Do you feel the same satiation? No, because how long and how hard that you need to chew a food really affects your satiety.

There’s two simple tricks that we can get out of this first example: One: eat the food whole and two: Take your time to eat a certain food. Chew twenty to thirty times before you swallow a bite of a banana.

Another way to increase your satiety, is to take a smaller plate. Taking a smaller plate will lead to fewer calories consumed in a big meal, because a lot of us are primed, from our parents, to eat until the plate is empty.

If you suddenly take a smaller plate, there’s less place for food to put on top of it.
Which means: Less food consumed overall and more satiety.

Conclusion: Eat your foods whole, chew them enough and eat them on a smaller plate for best results in your diet.

Thank you for your time.

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