Is Whole Food Plant Based Diet Same As Veganism?

In the beginning of my vegan journey I thought that a whole food plant based diet is the same as being vegan.

Only later did I realize that this is simply not the case.

Here’s why:

1. Difference In Principles

A whole food plant based diet is a way of eating. Youtubers such as Michael Greger from Nutritionfacts promote a whole foods plant based diet. Veganism is a lifestyle. Youtubers such as Earthling Ed promote this lifestyle.

But how is it possible to follow a vegan diet – but not a whole food plant based diet one then? Good question, let me explain further:

The benefits of a whole food plant based diet are vast: Reduction of chronic disease, reduction of inflammation, increase in longevity and decrease in recovery time for athletes. To name a few.

The benefits of veganism is: #1 Reduction of animal suffering and #2 Reduction of green-house gas emissions.

Due to the difference in these two principles, vegans tend to avoid leather clothes, as their main goal tends to be to reduce the suffering of animals.

2. The Combination Of Both

My mistaken belief in the beginning was that: Vegan = Healthy.

As a 6-year long vegan I can attest that this is simply not true.

Oreos are vegan. So are french fries. Is this healthy? I beg to disagree.

So as of right now I am vegan for the animals & environment AND I follow a whole food plant-based diet for my health. Why just have the benefits of one when you can have both?

Are you a fellow vegan that wants to lose fat, build lean muscle and get in the best shape of your life?

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