How To Lose Weight In 2017

Eat more and weigh less. Eat the right foods and you can eat more. Eat the wrong foods and you will have to nearly starve yourself. Do you want to lose weight in 2017 but don’t know how? Look no further.

I will explain to you in this video how to lose weight – the easy way.

The basics of losing weight is reducing your calories. It can be as simple as that. Calories are the energy that fuels your body and is taken in with the food that you eat. Every food contains calories but here’s the trick that most people don’t know: Some foods contain more calories than others. A hamburger for example contains way more calories than lettuce. In fact a hamburger contains 20 times more energy or calories, than lettuce. Which means you can eat 2 kilograms of lettuce and get the same energy as eating one hundred grams of a hamburger.

So reducing your calories does not necessarily mean actually eating less food or being short of energy. In the sense of the vegan diet it actually means being able to eat more, while still reducing calories.

How does this work?

1. Eating fewer calories does not necessarily have to mean less energy during the day.
In fact it could mean the opposite. Calories in lettuce are good calories, because lettuce also contains micronutrients which are crucial to our survival. While calories in the hamburger stem mostly from fat with little to non micronutrients – bad calories. Switching to a micronutrient rich, healthy diet could indeed make you end up with more energy.

2. The satiation that you feel after a meal is not linked to calories. The satiation you feel is more closely linked to the weight of a meal, the fiber content and the water content. And the fiber, weight and water content is again not linked to calories.

I now revealed the secret of losing weight to you.
I will repeat it again, please write this down, for a diet to be successful, you have to focus on natural fiber and water rich foods, which are low on calories.
And let me tell you which diet is full of foods like these? The vegan diet.
And the best thing is: You don’t even have to count calories.

Eat the right foods and you can eat more. Eat the wrong foods and you will have to nearly starve yourself. Eat better, this is how you lose weight in 2017.

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