HOW CARNIVORES THINK (Hint: They Don’t) – Sv3rige Followers Explained

Youtube has created some interesting channels over the decades it has existed. There’s Kurzgesagt which presents extraordinarily animated videos about everything that you’ve ever wondered about. There’s Michael Greger which re-reads all the nutrition journals and presents the findings in a very objective and professional way.

And then there’s Sv3rige. Sv3rige talks about the earth being flat, having no job and how eating raw meat is the optimal human diet.

So every rational person might think that no one would be interested in such trivial topics, but to the contrary: The Sv3rige channel has amassed 77,000 subscribers over the last couple of years of low quality content.

How can that be?

Today I explain you why people follow Sv3rige – and therefore alleviate some of your frustration when dealing with them. I’ll also explain why in an alternative universe, QG might even be a Gatis follower. Here’s why:

Some people actually follow Gatis for the sake of entertainment. It’s funny watching a guy that has zero shame and personifies the Dunning Kruger effect.

But what about the guys that literally think Sv3rige is an absolute god? People that write under high-quality youtube content of QG that said person shall not talk sh*t about their leader?

This can actually be pretty easily explained. Let’s take a look at a recent event:

Michelle Lowe, a fellow vegan, had a debate with Bart Kay, a carnivore. The vegans think that Michelle Lowe was the absolute sh*t, while carnivores think that Bart Kay was the absolute sh*t.

You also see this with the like to dislike ratio on both of the individual videos. Apparently two humans can be confronted with the exact same discussion, meaning the exact same information, and have different interpretations of said results.

So the way communication works is not only source, information and receiver, but source, information, filter and receiver.

Everyone of us filters the information so it suits our current brain circuits. Why do we do that? Because changing our opinion is painful. And the reason it is painful because on a neurological level, our brain needs to create new and different nerve connections and disregard the old, well-functioning ones.

Sounds complicated? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s imagine you have two possible destinations. Destination A has a highway route attached to it, while destination B can only be reached by a rough-and rocky road that isn’t really well-developed.

Let’s also imagine that destination A is a destination that you’ve visited multiple times, while destination B is something new and scary.

If presented with those two options 99% of people will always opt for destination A, simply because it’s easier and more common.

That’s the same thing our brain does, the highway represents our current opinion or behavior, while, the rough-and-rocky path is a new and different opinion and behavior.

Our brain opts for what is easy, and what is easy is usually and sadly not what is true. That’s why people say that you can not teach an old dogs new tricks, because the older you get, the stronger and more solidified your highways become.

See I’ve been brought up as a heavy meat eater. The highway of my brain was to opt for animal eating, so it would have been an easier switch to just slightly change my highway in a different direction and opt for raw meat.

It would have been way easier to convince myself that vegans are part of the illuminati, reptilians and a population control agenda. It would have been easier to believe some random anecdotes of ex-vegans and then tell myself, that this is simply not for me.

That convincing of myself would have strengthened my highway and destroyed the rough and rocky path.

But to face the truth and realize that eating animals is neither optimal nor necessary for human health, and brings a ton of ethical issues with it – was hard.

To completely stop eating meat and go onto a vegan diet, was travelling the rough and rocky path in my brain. And that’s what a lot of Sv3rige followers don’t do.

These followers fail to realize that while the path is rough and rocky in the beginning, the construction workers of your brain will not stay idle. The new path will soon turn into a full-blown highway.

So while changing a behaviour indeed might be hard and confusing in the beginning, it doesn’t stay like that for long.

Conclusion – Sv3rige Followers Explained:

The Sv3rige supporters are not evil or bad people. As in almost all of us, years of conditioning through culture have created highways in their brains that are linked to animal consumption.

Now to outbranch that highway to raw meat consumption, all you need a strong distrust in the medical industry and a cult leader that looks healthy.

So I think the actual reason most people follow Sv3rige, is because it is easy. They want to stay on their highway in the brain and not face the pain of behaviour change.

But let me ask you one thing: Is ‘easy’ truly the guiding force you want to have in your life? Last time I checked all things ever worth having are hard to get.

There’s a saying that the reason why rivers and people are crooked, is because they follow the path of least resistance.

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