Carnivore Diet Debunked – Jordan Peterson Only Eats Meat?

Jordan Peterson announced that he’s following a Carnivore Diet.

And everyone´s losing his mind.

Does such diet make sense? Aren´t there any deficiencies? Why does Jordan Peterson, such a smart man, even follow such a restrictive diet?

In this blog post I want to answer all of these questions.

For those that don´t know why they should listen to me.

I acquired my fitness certificate as the top two graduate in the entire Switzerland that year and manage multiple fitness centers.

Did an eCornell course on nutrition, read tons of books and got a really cool side hustle where I coach plant-based professionals to to get their best shape ever.

So here are my two cents, to Jordan Peterson´s carnivore diet.

1. Stay humble

First of all I can´t help but feel such a deep respect for Jordan Peterson.

He got such style. An IQ north of 140. And he knows how to move an audience.

He states multiple times in the podcast that he´s not an expert in nutrition.

This just shows his responsibility for the audience and makes himself much more trustworthy. And the truth is, I can understand Jordan Peterson. He dealt with mental issues his whole life. Suddenly he starts a dietary change and everything subsides.

I mean, when he slipped for the diet once, just once, he apparently couldn’t sleep for 30 days.

If your life is on the line and the only thing that helps you is a carnivore diet, who wouldn’t atleast try to follow it ? Hell, I’m a vegan and if I had the choice between not sleeping for 30 days or just eating meat, I would probably opt for the freaking meat also.

We all can learn from Jordan next time we state a controversial point. We need to tell people where we come from and consider their side of the equation.

Let’s take one second out just to embrace Jordan’s personality, understand where JP comes from and be thankful, for his humility.

But he also knows his boundaries.

2. While Jordan Peterson is definitely an MVP…

…we still have to address his dietary choices in an objective way.

And the truth is, while it works for Jordan Peterson, the carnivore diet may not be the optimum thing for all the followers of Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson has amassed a huge following, so every advice that he gives out, even if it’s as an uninformed citizen, will have consequences.

Some kids will say: « JP is on an carnivore diet. It must be the best thing for me too ! »

The main thing why the carnivore diet may work out is because it’s an elimination diet.

The symptoms that Jordan Peterson is experiencing are most likely an allergic reaction, on the gut microbiome level.

And I want to make this clear, this is not a medical autopsy because 1, I’m not a doctor and 2. I’m a complete stranger making cool videos on youtube.

While JP and his ancestors with the same autoimmune disease have probably talked with hundreds of certified doctors about the disease in general.

And if you cut out all foods that you’re allergic to, guess what, your symptoms may change in the short term.

You can do the same thing with a potato diet, or a rice diet and you might be able to see the same effects. You take one food where you see no negative effects and you just eat that. Simple.

The way an elimination diet, such as the carnivore diet works, is by killing off all the good and the bad stuff.

It’s like chemotherapy, which is a substance that targets all the fast-dividing cells. That’s why cancer patients usually lose their hair, because hair cells are fast dividing. Killing of all these cells is good for beating cancer because the benefits are worth the risk.

3. Delusion / Willpower

The carnivore diet may work for people in theshort term, but for the majority the medical data available indicates that it’s not that great in the long-term.

We don’t have to be a scientist to see that this diet of beef, salt and water is lacking key nutrients. Such as Vitamin A, C, D, E and K. Calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3.

But if Jordan Peterson is so smart, why doesn’t he read about this data? Because we all are delusional. We lie to ourselves all the time.

We think we can perfectly drive a car when we’re absolutely drunk. We think we’re over a bad breakup but then we suddenly feel lethargic. We think we can survive on 3 hours of sleep but we can’t function without our 5 cups of coffee in the morning.

Just look at how Joe Rogan lies to himself here :

One time he describes that he doesn’t know any people with negative side effects on a carnivore diet , but he talked about Brock Lesnar and his health problems in the past.

And Jordan Peterson questions the entire food pyramid, which yes, is influenced by the economic needs but also by medical interests. Breaking news : The government wants to keep us alive, because someone needs to pay taxes.

He even disregards the importance of Vitamin C, which literally has ended lives since the 13th century.

And here’s the thing : You might feel great on the carnivore diet. But our subjective well-being is not necessarily a good marker for our overall health. Because there are many factors influencing it, like status, income, family bounds, passion for one’s work etc.

What truly gives us more information is a blood test. Which Joe rogan rightly, but annoyingly asks for all the time in the interview between him, and Jordan Peterson.

We all have to realize that we lie to ourselves. The sooner we learn to embrace the truth, the better.

I really like Jordan and his outlook on life. I also like Joe, I think he’s a complete badass.

Nutrition has multiple components and the way the carnivore diet may work is by mimicking an elimination diet. But we don’t know for sure.

While different things work for different people, there’s a general guideline to how we should eat. That’s why we do medical studies in the first place.

If we don’t have a serious autoimmune disease, we might as well follow those practices.

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