Your Vegan Weight Loss IS DOOMED Before You Do This! – 5 Weight Loss Mistakes Vegans Make

Vegan weight loss should ideally be, a passive process. Meaning you do an initial change of your eating behavior, it becomes an habit and then 3 months from now 6 months from now you look into the mirror and you see that your weight is freaking gone. And guess what you feel amazing.

That’s what I aim for in literally all of my clients. Get that routine in and then let the caloric deficit do the part.

So the first vegan weigth loss mistake I see clients make is that they think that the weight loss journey takes less time than it actually does. You can not lose 10lbs in a single week, well you could, but you would be pretty close to killing yourself.

1. They think it takes less time than it actually does

You’ve probably seen me talking with clients about this before in the sessions that I upload here. Losing weight usually takes more time than you might think. So you need to adjust your vegan weight loss meal plan to that reality!

See one kilogram of body weight has about 7,000 calories. You consume about 2-3,000 calories a day. If you would eat nothing the entire week, if you’d do a water fast, you’d only be capable of losing about 2 kilos of body fat, next to feeling absolutely horrible.

See, this is not a long-term strategy, and that’s what I see a lot of people fall into.

2. They do not think long-term

Most vegans start a diet trying to get fit for summer or for a wedding for example. They get fit for a specific event, often in the not-so distant future.

Instead what you should truly aim for, is making this a lifestyle change. This is the only way that this process is sustainable and you will literally double your chances of losing vegan weight, if you’re in this for the long run.

I just recently had a client that signed up for my services, that is a very busy manager of a million-dollar hedge fund. One thing that he said that literally warmed my heart up in our coaching session, was that he was in this for the long term.

He considers getting his weight in order a 1-2 year journey. Timothy if you’re reading this post: You’re awesome!

Thinking long-term usually goes along with point number 3:

3. Mistake: They sacrifice too much

They think that just because they can follow the diet this week, they can follow the diet the week after and the month after.

This is usually not the case. See, one question in our weekly reports of our mentoring services is ‘How confident do you feel in reaching your goals?’

With this question I want to determine if the clients are sticking to a vegan meal plan that actually works for them in the long-term. Including vegan meals that don’t feel like they miss out on a lot. They will still miss out on some tasty vegan meals, that’s inevitable, but not on a lot.

The way we do this is we actually take the plan that you currently eat, and change it slightly so you get in a caloric deficit and hit your nutrients.

Bonus tip: Search online for vegan weight loss recipes!

4. Mistake: Wrong attitude to setbacks

Even if you follow the best of diets though, you will encounter setbacks.

The people that are not having a vegan weight loss transformation have the wrong attitude to setbacks. See, it is almost guaranteed that you will encounter setbacks on your journey.

Although the diet is sustainable you’re still fighting against your brain. You’re depriving it of calories and it will fight against this.

If you just expect that you will encounter hard times, your journey will be that much easier. This is the same thing in relationships, if you think that relationship are all sunshine and rainbows you will be tempted to throw in the towel after the first quarrel.

Expect that you will go through ups and downs in a relationship and expect that you will go through ups and downs while losing weight.

5. Mistake: Track your calories regularly

Because your brain is fighting against you, in this journey, you need to realize that your brain is sabotaging your success.

Which means your brain will actually, over time, trick you in eating more than you actually thought.

You need to track your intake of nutrients on a regular basis, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your vegan weight loss will not be effcieint.

So I recommend clients on my vegan weight loss plan to at least track their nutrition intake once every week for the next couple of months. This might sound daunting at first, but what gets measured gets managed.

If you simply do not make those mistakes, your vegan weight loss journey will be way easier.

Are you a fellow vegan that wants to lose fat, build lean muscle and get in the best shape of your life?

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