Are you looking to shed excess body fat and build muscle without the fear of being ‘protein deficient’?

If you’ve always wondered how to get into the best shape of your life in the most effective way without having to hurt sentient beings, then dear Earthlings you have came to the right place!

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Results Made Simple

Fitness can sound overwhelming and complicated – but it doesn’t have to be.

On QualityGains we emphasize a client-centered coaching approach. You decide on the training experience that is just right for you!

How do we achieve this? Simple. Once you sign up you go through an extensive questionnaire with 50+ questions. Your coach personally reviews that document, to guarantee you a fully customized performance routine tailored to your needs!

This allows you to get a proven step-by-step plan to your desired goals.

Customized App

What should you do if you feel unsure about a certain part of the coaching? Ask your coach to get fast feedback at anytime of the day in our custom ‘QualityGains’ App.

On top of that you can communicate with people that are on the same mission as you in our highly exclusive app-group of fellow vegans.

Are you unsure about working out in general? No worries. Your plans contain custom videos of your coach that you can double check before your training to make the whole gym training risk-free.

No-Bullsh*t Nutrition

Do you fear deficiency on a vegan diet? Fear no more earthling. We put an extensive focus on hitting all your needed micronutrients and provide the right supplement regime.

Gone are the days of unsustainable crash diets that provide Yo-Yo effects. Gone are the days of ‘counting macronutrients only bro’.

On top of that it is your choice to decide how many days your meal plans do involve. Do you want to follow it step-by-step for full 30 days? Or do you prefer the simpler method of the common 7 days? It is your choice.

We know that following a meal plan can be hard, so we make sure it’s as simple and sustainable for you as possible.

Looking for that extra motivation?

At the start of our coaching plans you get a full 7-day video curriculum that reprograms your mind into one of a top performer. This program helps you to create a better body and life – irrespective of your previous circumstances.

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Meet Your Coach!

Hello there, my name is Florian. I’m following a vegan diet since 4 years and have never looked back.

I’ve had the pleasure to personally mentor and coach hundreds of clients worldwide to help them get into their best ever shape.

My goal is to reduce suffering of sentient beings and help my clients see proven and predictable results in the gym.

I’m one of the first graduates of the Online Training Academy and the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell.

With my combined practical and theoretical knowledge I strive to help people get the most out of their life.

Fully certified coach with real world experience!

I am here to help YOU!

I remember the time when I first stepped into a gym and how unsure and nervous I was. I also remember when on bad advise I started a low carb diet which hurt me physically and emotionally – without seeing any meaningful results.

Then in 2015 I started choosing forks over knives and was worried because countless friends and acquaintances (even my lovely grandmother!) kept telling me that I would lose muscle and gain fat.

The truth is, going Vegan was the best decison ever and helped me get into the best shape of my life!

Tell me:

  • Do you finally want to be positively noticed when you enter a room?

  • Do you want to get more energy than you’ve ever had before?

  • Do you want to amaze your crush or spouse with your newly found attractiveness?

  • Do you want to shed off your old self – like a cool snake does with his skin – and finally be an improved, BETTER YOU?

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Who is my training plan NOT for?

Wait, this training plan might not be for you as not everyone can handle it. Especially if:

  • You can’t wait for 2-3 days to get everything delivered. Due to the personal touch we make extra sure that everything is customized to you.

  • You’re not looking to make a change or are happy with your status quo. We’re only looking for committed individuals.

  • You can’t speak English. Du nicht English sprechen kannst. Tu ne peux pas parler anglais. 你不会说英语 (« You can’t speak English.» in chinese. I think I made my point clear.)

Benefits Of Online Coaching:

Why you should consider Online Coaching:

  • You don’t have to go to a gym. Your workouts can be easily performed irrespective of time or location.

  • You’re busy and your time is valuable, adjust the workouts to your schedule.

  • It’s less expensive, included is a personal assistant, nutrition guidance and personalized online coaching. Saving you thousands of dollars.

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