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Transform Your Body

Build muscle and lose fat by following a proven blueprint that we lay out for you.

  • Enjoy a fully personalized video call with vegan coach Florian, to help you get on the right track.
  • Get full access to the QualityGains app with 100+ exercise videos, so you can say goodbye to the fear of injuries.

  • Build your own customized workouts in the app and track your progress to see results.
transform your body
eliminate confusion qualitygains

Eliminate Confusion

Becoming fit can sound overwhelming and complicated – but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Get full in-app message access to vegan coach Florian, to save time and energy.

  • Watch 7-exclusive video clips to master your mindset and see faster fitness results.
  • Get 10% off our exclusive mentoring services to make your fitness results predictable

Join A Vegan Tribe

Our group is hosted on our ‘QualityGains’ App (yes, not another sh*tty Facebook group) with Florian, our coach and founder, as the moderator.

  • Highly exclusive invite-only app group with zero carnitard allowance.

  • Connect with fit vegans on the same mission as you and profit from positive peer pressure.
  • 10% of our profits go to vegan charities to support our movement.*

Will be donated in $1,000 increments. The process will be uploaded on Youtube.
Donated $1.000 to NutritionFacts.Org thus far. Next charity will follow soon.

Vegan Fitness Group

Found both on the App Store and Google Play

Yes, I want to become a fit vegan:

Quality Services

1. Kickstart Vegan Fitness Journey
Our starter package providing you positive peer pressure and a FREE consultation. Learn more about it here.

2. Premium and Premium-Plus Mentoring (Invite-only, limited to 25 active clients)
3 or 6 month premium mentoring program. Both nutrition and body transformation mentoring.

3. Ultimate Mentoring (invite-only, limited to 3 clients a year)
12 month mentoring program with a 2-day personal visit to leave no stone unturned.

100+ 5-star reviews

Proven client ratings, collected in our monthly feedback survey.

Read more testimonials here.


Yes, I want to become a fit vegan:

Meet Coach Florian!

  • Coach and founder of QualityGains

  • 4 years+ vegan

  • Coached 100+ clients in person and online
  • 10,000 Youtube subscribers and 100,000 monthly views (and growing!)

  • Former manager of 5 fitness centers
  • Self-improvement geek (and proud of it!)
  • Donates 10% of QualityGains profits to vegan charities
Online Vegan Fitness Training QualityGains

Contact Florian personally at: